SheConfidential® Podcast

Charlene Ketchum

Conversations about entrepreneurship tend to center around the "feel good" ish highlighting money moves along with the non-monetary wealth building benefits. Money isn't everything but money can change everything and not all of it is for the good. Quiet as it's kept, many entrepreneurs are struggling. Entrepreneurship frequently requires long and/or unpredictable hours which take a toll on relationships and all aspects of health including physical, mental, and sexual. Especially if you're a Black woman because you were probably carrying a high stress load even before you started your business! How often have you neglected your family, sleep, and basic self-care because you had to prioritize work? Did you have a resource for real conversations about how to navigate business when that same business is wreaking havoc in your life? If you're like way too many people in business, you probably suffer in silence and for the most part, wade through entrepreneurship trying to figure everything out on your own. But this "go at it alone" approach can end now. The SheConfidential podcast features conversations with Black entrepreneurs keeping it real about their wins and hurdles - both personal and professional. Guests share their life lessons and experiences so that you can achieve your business gains faster, with fewer losses and pains. These conversations will remind you that you're not alone and you're more prepared than you probably know. And most importantly, you will be energized and enlightened to make strategic moves that will put you on track to be part of the 25% of entrepreneurs whose businesses thrive 15 years or more. New episodes are released each Thursday on your favorite podcast app and YouTube. Make sure you subscribe/follow so that you don't miss any of the gems.

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