Welcome to Grey Skies – a podcast where you can learn about a disaster, what caused it, and how the world changed because of it. Oh, and how to prepare for and protect yourself from one just like it, because anxiety. Since I was a kid, I have been intrigued by everything that is far from your typical dinner table conversation: True crime, serial killers, the holocaust, and of course natural disasters. After a two year long valiant effort to get admitted into my university's motion picture college, I was sucked back into both the worlds of abnormal brains and of disasters (thank the lord). But after a certificate in Emergency Management & Homeland Security, a bachelor's in Psychology, and a master's in International Disaster Management, I couldn't help but feel the overwhelming feeling of not knowing enough. Surely after researching a disaster and every bit of information that surrounds it, for weeks on end I will not only be smarter but also be able to survive a 100ft tsunami wave…right?

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