Get Real: Talking mental health & disability

The team at ermha365

What’s it like to live with a mental health condition, or a disability, or both? How can we make life better for people who face these complex challenges in their lives? Get Real presents frank and fearless conversations about mental health and disability, including people with lived experience, frontline workers in the industry, as well as policy-makers and advocates. Hosted by Robyn Haydon and Karenza Louis-Smith & produced by Emily Webb, on behalf of ermha365 Complex Mental Health and Disability Services ( Listed #2 on Feedspot’s Top 20 best Australian Mental Health podcasts 2021, and in the Clarity Clinic (Chicago) list of 13 best mental health podcasts of 2021, Sarah Kelly of Clarity Clinic says “….this podcast is validating for those who live with disabilities, and those who are hoping to learn more about that experience.”

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