The Influencer Marketing Lab is a weekly podcast covering the influencer marketing industry. Each episode Scott Guthrie talks with topic experts about the industry - the business, the tech, the key themes and the media coverage. They examine what's making the news; where it's being reported and why; they then offer a blend of thoughtful analysis. They also dig into the big business themes surrounding influencer marketing. Influencer marketing works. The sector has grown x20 in the last five years and is now valued at $10 billion dollars. But growth spurts are often accompanied by growing pains. Influencer marketing is no exception. The industry is plagued by negative media headlines, charges of influencer fraud, a lack of transparency, and a perception that success is difficult to measure. This podcast gives marketers and business owners the lowdown on this fast-growth sector. Scott Guthrie an influencer marketing management consultant, conference speaker, guest university lecturer, top 10 blogger, and media commentator. World-renowned marketer Mark W. Schaefer has called him "the leading voice of influencer marketing". Take a listen and decide for yourself.

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