Take off your pants, it's your favorite Industrial Punk Band...STICKY DOLL! Laugh your ASS off weekly w/ us from our bedroom in Joshua Tree, CA. We will have Coffee, Cinnamon Rolls, Music, Celebrity Guests, and Inappropriate Sex Talk most likely 🙂 WEEKLY SHOW HIGHLIGHTS: SONG OF THE WEEK, On the Phone w/ the BONE™ (aka Gettin' the SHIT Done!), Cunt Baby and F.U. Baby shenanigans, Black Lipstick, Visits from DESERT QUEENS, Buddy Gendron updates, Mr. Announcer Man™, NO REACTION™, UNDERREACTION™, and OVERREACTION!™ Random calls from El Niño, and a shit ton more! ™™™®© and then a TM on all that!

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