Big Queen Energy (Nicole Rosé)

Originally from the Midwest, host Nicole Rosé moved to Manhattan with a dream and became a world-class DJ, podcaster & TV personality on HBO Max's The Big Shot With Bethenny. Nicole seeks out best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, coaches of all kinds and viral content creators to uncover their secrets about mindsets, success habits, & manifestation hacks to help you unlock your inner queen. This show is all about woman-to-woman mentorship in a raw, real, unapologetic style sprinkled with lighthearted humor & girl talk. Press play to listen to intimate conversations with Bethenny Frankel, Serena Kerrigan, Adrienne Bankert & more. Empowering you on your journey to fearless creation. New drops every Monday at 7:30 AM. Best served with a latte or a glass of rosé. @bigqueenenergypod //

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