Kingdom of Rock - Music Industry, Tech and Business

Matt Gibson and Michael Molenda

What's up Kingdom of Rock! Join Matt Gibson and Michael Molenda as they interview professional musicians, as well as experts in technology, business, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. The goal of Kingdom of Rock is to help musicians and creatives get better at music, tech, and business. Show guests include Steve Vai, Grant Cardone, DJ Scratch, Steve Lukather, Alex Winter, Stryper, Corrin Campbell (Indepreneur), Kevin Breuner (CD Baby/DIY Musician), Deadmau5, Poe, and many touring musicians, music supervisors, music directors, record producers, engineers, and backline workers from all over the world. We've interviewed tech experts, Silicon Valley bloggers, and futurists so we can alert musicians to all the emerging technology and opportunities for music makers. We also meet as a community several times a week on Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Zoom, as well as host in-person meetups in Los Angeles. If you are interested in participating please DM us on social media, or use the form on our website to send us a message.

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