The Green Room Podcast

Green Seed PR, Ronjini Joshua, Sheldon Botler, Rhian Humphries

The Green Room Podcast is a podcast about the business of Cannabis, created to tell the stories of the Cannabis industry and the people in it. We interview guests with a wide variety of job titles to discuss their pre-Cannabis journey, how they got into it and how they are making an impact in the industry. Listeners will be able to get insights on best practices, business hacks and interesting stories of the world’s leading Cannabis experts, advocates and influencers. This is the ultimate resource for anyone that is in it, wants to be in it, or just wants a little bit of Cannabis education. Thanks for listening and enjoy your access to The Green Room podcast.The Green Room is brought to you by Green Seed PR, a boutique cannabis/greentech focused PR agency focused on getting Cannabis/CBD and Hemp brands and accessories into the mainstream. If you’re interested in being a guest or have suggestions please contact our booking team at

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