Welcome to DJ AL YBARRA Radio aka DJAY Radio where we will showcase new, current, and recurrent music along with Artist and DJ's reviews and interviews. Interact with us at - http://www.djayradio.com/ This is DJ AL YBARRA, also known as DJ AL B BAD. From time to time you will hear or see productions with one and/or both names – sometimes we just can’t let go of our alter ego. However, I am who ever you say I am… DJ AL “B BAD” YBARRA – The Bad Boy of Internet Radio! I am thrilled you are here and I plan to bring great new experiences to share with all my friends, family, and fans dubbed as “DJAY Radio” aka DJ Al Ybarra Radio. So stay tuned, pull up a seat, and continue to listen to great music brought to you by the greatest DJ’s in the world. - Powered by DJ AL “B BAD” YBARRA!

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