Hippie Haven Podcast: How To Live An Ethical + Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Callee (@AHippieInAVan) - zero waste activist + biz owner

Every Wednesday on the Hippie Haven podcast, Callee aka @AHippieInAVan interviews experts + everyday people on how they live an ethical + eco-friendly lifestyle, and how you too can take small steps that make a big difference in saving the planet! We talk about all things hippie, including going vegan, reducing your waste, building a tiny home, starting an ethical business, eco-activism, gardening, beekeeping, and so much more. Callee is a zero waste activist + small business owner who travels the USA in her campervan, while hosting this podcast, speaking at vegan festivals, providing zero waste consulting, running her own company, and telling everyone she meets why plastic pollution is a big deal. Learn more about Callee + the Hippie Haven Podcast on her website: www.ahippieinavan.com or shop her ethical + eco-friendly home goods at www.bestowedessentials.com

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