WGAN Forum Podcast

Dan Smigrod | www.WeGetAroundNetwork.com | www.WGAN-TV.com

WGAN-TV Forum Podcast covers Matterport and related 3D/360 digital twin/virtual tour platforms, cameras, and third-party tools and solutions for real estate photographers and other content creators. Every Thursday at 5 pm ET, WGAN-TV Podcast (video) airs live (www.WGAN-TV.com) and by the following Wednesday, the the WGAN-TV Podcast and WGAN Forum Podcast are available free on Apple, Samsung, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music and other audio and video podcast apps. We Get Around Network (www.WeGetAroundNetwork.com) Founder and Managing Editor Dan Smigrod interviews industry thought-leaders and content creators to provide insights and training. (175+ one hour, live interview podcasts since August 2016). Unlike the WGAN-TV Podcast (video), the WGAN Forum Podcast (audio only) includes text-to-speech media releases from Matterport and related companies. The We Get Around Network Forum (www.WGANForum.com) knowledge base includes 94,000 Matterport and related posts among 16,000 topics, as of February 2023. The WGAN Forum is read monthly by nearly 20,000 unique visitors and has 8,500 registered members in 145 countries. Join the WGAN community and get connected to what matters to help you succeed faster. It is free to join the WGAN Forum (www.JoinWGAN.com) and instantly receive 50+ WGAN Membership benefits. Info for potential WGAN-TV Podcast guests: www.WGAN.INFO/guest | DanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.com

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