How do I find my purpose? How do I add more joy to my life? How can I start living my dream life? If you’re a heart-centered person who's ready to get back to trusting your own intuition, you’re in the right place, love. Welcome to Wholehearted Coaching: The Podcast, the place where mindset, mindfulness, and manifestation meet. I am your host, coach & life alchemist Shirin Eskandani. Join me as we kick your week off with inspiration by diving deep into my “Mindset Monday” posts: life-changing motivations I share on Instagram (@wholeheartedcoaching) that transform the minds of heart-centered people like you and help you learn to listen to your intuition again, release limiting beliefs, and do the damn thing! Sign up for my free 7-day guided journal with 45 prompts that will change your life! Become a part of the Wholehearted Community on Instagram at @wholeheartedcoaching Head to to learn all the ways we can work together

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