Why We Theater lies at the intersection of theatre and social justice. Here, we work to answer the questions theatremakers ask in their most urgent onstage works, contend with the cultural issues they confront within their art, and create meaningful change in our offstage lives. Each episode begins with a one-on-one discussion between host Ruthie Fierberg and the artist behind the theatrical piece at hand; then we open the discussion to include real-world experts in that field to offer advice and steps to help us all take actions (re-wire a thought pattern, sign a petition, donate to a related charity, volunteer for a related organization, etc.) to manifest progress. I like to think of “theater” not just as a place or a presentation but as an action. “To theater” is to engage with art presented onstage. The curtain call of a play or musical is not the end of the experience; it’s the beginning. And so this is Why We Theater. Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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