Tea & Contemplation is a podcast + practice space for exploring our inner world, through the lens of tea and yogic philosophy. Every episode begins with a real time guided meditation with tea, followed by discussion on this month's themed topic of exploration. Your hosts are artist, writer and yoga teacher, Adam Grossi, and tea educator, tea contemplative practitioner, and founder of Being Tea, Suzette Hammond. We're here for anyone who is curious about meditation and is craving quiet thinking time and space to process emotions. The weekly live studio session - which you can learn more about and attend by visiting the link below - is hosted Fridays at 8am CST, and includes a private (unrecorded) group sharing/healing circle for community support. Visit https://www.buymeacoffee.com/teaandcpodcast for details. NOTES FOR PREPARING THE TEA: - We use the bowl method, a versatile and very accessible traditional method for enjoying tea, for every session. - Just a pinch of loose leaf tea + hot water in an open mug or small bowl with no strainer necessary. (This appears on the podcast cover art.) - We brew tea together during the session in real time, so simply just have your kettle heating just before you come sit down for practice and you’ll be all set.

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