The Good Listening To Podcast: "Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!"

Chris Grimes - Facilitator. Coach. Motivational Comedian

The Storytelling Podcast series from Motivational Comedian Chris Grimes, that features "The Clearing": Where all good QUESTIONS come to be asked - and all good STORIES come to be told! Think "Desert Island Discs" but in a Clearing! And with Stories rather than Music. Also think about Shakespeare - about "All the World's a Stage" - and about "Legacy" in particular: "Who are you? What's your story? And what 'life-lessons-learned-along-your-way' would you like to share with us?" And whilst we've got you here in "The Clearing": "What would you like your legacy to be? How would you most like to be remembered?" With a deliberate invitation to 'go deep'! And where all my guests have at least 2 things in common: They are all Creative individuals - and all with an interesting Story to be told! So yes! "Your Life & Times With Me Chris Grimes!" is the new Storytelling Podcast series from "MojoCoach", Facilitator & Motivational Comedian Chris Grimes - with a strong storytelling imperative and with the simple aim of inviting my guests to a creative space of your choosing called "The Clearing" where we get to hear your Story and let your thinking unfold. With some lovely Storytelling metaphors to also enjoy along the way: The Clearing itself - a Tree - a lovely juicy Storytelling exercise called "5-4-3-2-1" - some Alchemy - some Gold - a cheeky bit of Shakespeare - and a Cake! So it's all to play for! "Being in 'The Life & Times' with that Chris Grimes is like having a 'Day Spa' for your Brain!" (So saideth Wendy Bagger!) So - let's get listening! See also + + Twitter @thatchrisgrimes

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