It IS possible to be healthier, more productive, and achieve YOUR version of success in Hollywood…without sacrificing your sanity in the process. Creative burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable. Hosted by Zack Arnold (ACE), award-winning Hollywood film & TV editor of Cobra Kai, Empire, Glee, and more, documentary director, American Ninja Warrior in training, and father of two. The Optimize Yourself program helps creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and even weekend warriors more effectively manage their time, energy, and creativity so they can produce higher quality work in less time… all while still prioritizing the most important people, things, and passions in their lives. Whether it’s P90X creator Tony Horton (Zack’s fitness mentor), American Ninja Warrior superstar Jessie Graff, productivity guru and inventor of the GTD system David Allen, world-famous biohacker and fitness guru Ben Greenfield, bestselling author and online business expert Ramit Sethi (Zack’s business mentor), or countless other experts in health, productivity, and career advancement, let us inspire you to step outside your comfort zone so you can reach your full potential.

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