Yes, And... with Jennifer Whitacre

Jennifer Whitacre

Are you struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, or something you don’t understand? Are you looking for a different level of truth about your challenges and struggles? In mainstream society, we have been spoon fed a whole bunch of crap and propaganda. It’s time for you to look beyond that, find inner joy and peace; and keep moving forward in life. Welcome to the Yes, And… with Jennifer Whitacre!We all get anxious and there are things about our life that we fully don’t understand. When it comes to our mind and our emotions, the story we've been told, and the mainstream approach could take you down the wrong path. If mainstream methods truly worked, people wouldn't be suffierng to the extent they are. Here on Yes, And…, we’ll discuss topics like trauma, shame, guilt, failures, breakdowns, healing, and struggle to diminish their power. We’ll be featuring guests who have overcome life’s adversities, emerging stronger and more empowered than ever. They turned less into a lesson and created a message from the mess. Now, they’re here to share their wisdom and inspire you to keep moving forward so you can do the same in your life. For more information and to see the blog post for each episode please visit Whitacre is an empowerment strategist and trauma specialist who works with clients who are ready to create empowerment through self-awareness. Having spent many years spinning her own wheels, Jennifer is all too familiar with how jagged and knotted it feels inside when you feel lost, overwhelmed, and stuck when all you want is to have enough energy and to know what to do. Like a lot of people, she has experienced loneliness in a room full of people, mistrust among family and friends, disconnection from herself, and despair that sent her to the brink of a mental health crisis.Armed with a lifetime of experience and over 12 years of education in healing, Jennifer has learned how to get beneath the story of why people do what they do and understand where they're coming from. Discovering her own intuition and the power of living by her core values, she has learned a number of ways to raise her self-awareness. She now approaches life more confidently, more empowered, more decisive, and more trusting of her own instincts. It has made a world of difference in her life which is why she so badly wants that for you!Jennifer is a firm believer in And Consciousness which is not about avoiding or denying extremes; but about expanding one’s own consciousness to make room for the acceptance of both. It’s the acceptance of conflicting truths that exist simultaneously. It’s the acceptance of duality, paradox, contradictions, and opposing extremes that simultaneously exist and thrive in our world. And Consciousness leads to curiosity, understanding, and compassion, which happen to be the antidotes to shame, fear, and judgment. It is Jennifer’s deepest hope the name of her show, Yes, And..., will serve as a gentle reminder of these concepts, all of which guide us along our path of personal growth toward self-actualization.Truly understand yourself by becoming aware of your own pattern of thoughts and behaviors, and discover the seeds that created those patterns in the first place. Get to the root of the issue so you can gain a new awareness of how your own patterns of thought, behavior, emotion, and perception are holding you back in life so you can finally trust yourself and feel empowered and confident in your own decisions. Don’t miss an episode of the Yes, And… Podcast with Jennifer Whitacre and begin to be more self-aware, challenge conventional thinking, and look at things from different angles.

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