The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Melissa Bottorff-Arey

Life after suicide loss is indeed nothing short of a wasteland of the leftover pieces of your shattered heart, of your former self. As the host, Melissa, a mother who lost her 21-year old son Alex to suicide in 2016, has real conversations with other loss survivors, healers and mental health experts. In these conversations she explores the relevant topics and asks the hard questions we all need to talk about and hear answers to. Nothing is 'off limit' as she delves into areas such as trauma, hope, healing, self-care, stigma, grief & mental health. Melissa believes that we learn to live alongside our grief, not get over it. Only through real, honest talk and mindful choices can we make a real difference. For a supporter, or educator, these conversations hold nuggets of awareness and shine a spotlight on suicide and mental health in a real, and unapologetic, way. As a suicide loss griever, one can find the comfort of a community, and hope for a little brighter tomorrow. Melissa wants to help others, like herself, go from surviving to finding a life with meaning, maybe even happiness, amid their own leftover pieces.

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