The Podcast To Amplify Show: Podcasting Tips for Women Coaches, Service Providers and Entrepreneurs

Rosemarie Callender | Podcast Launch Strategist

Are you tired of pouring hours into content creation only to see minimal growth and sales? I feel your frustration, friend. What if I told you you could market your online business in a way that takes LESS time but delivers MORE results? Because marketing shouldn’t rely on social media algorithms showing your content to the right people, at the right time. Hey there, I'm Rosemarie! Single mama of one, Netflix addict and corporate EA turned podcast launch strategist. I’ve been in your shoes - dancing and pointing on reels, going live with other experts, delivering mini-trainings in 60 sec stories - all in the hopes of reaching my ideal clients, only to face burnout every other month. But guess what? I’ve now ditched the social media hustle because my podcast attracts, nurtures and converts my dream clients into my paid offers, on autopilot. And you can too! Welcome to The Podcast to Amplify Show, the go-to resource for women entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of podcasting to build a business that aligns with their lifestyle. Many think successful podcasting requires the right mic and releasing consistent episodes but to make money from your podcast, you need a solid strategy. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to create a podcast that isn’t another ‘to-do’ but a strategic marketing tool that positions you as a sought-after speaker and converts aligned clients into your high ticket programs and courses. Each episode is packed with actionable tips on launching your podcast, monetising through paid offers and digital products, converting listeners into paying clients, optimising for podcast SEO and much you can grow a sustainable online business. It’s time for you to amplify your voice, impact and income! So grab your airpods, open up your notes app and let’s dive in! ******* Can we be IG friends? Find me at Wanna work together! Learn more about my podcast coaching and launch VIP Days at Contact:

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