Reimagine with Eric Schmidt

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COVID-19 is changing the way we live. We face the urgent challenges of combating the virus and getting people back to work. Once this crisis phase has passed - and under the shadow of its possible return - we must rebuild our economies, reintegrate all aspects of society, and reshape policy and practice around the world to be more resilient against global threats. In Reimagine, former Google CEO and co-founder of Schmidt Futures Eric Schmidt will engage in conversations with the world's leaders in government, business, science, and technology to reimagine the future of society after COVID-19. Eric will draw upon his expertise as a global business leader, scientist, and philanthropist to explore how we can mobilize people and technology to solve our current challenges at scale and to build a brighter future after this global crisis. Each conversation will probe a local, national, or global facet of COVID-19 and some will feature a call to action for listeners or a prize competition for the best ideas related to the insights of the episode.

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