The number one problem in the way of women creating more wealth, success, impact and freedom is the way we see ourselves. For centuries, women have seen themselves through the masculine, patriarchal lens. Everything we choose, do and strive for has been influenced by this patriarchal framework: Success. Business. Leadership. Power. Wealth. Women operate outside of their innate wisdom, strengths and worthiness trying to live up to the patriarchal status quo. The Feminine Lens is a leadership podcast that challenges those patriarchal viewpoints and encourages us to look at ourselves, life, business + leadership through a new lens. It reframes, redefines and reclaims our greatest asset...ourselves. Through a series of guests, solo reflections and panel discussions we help you navigate the unique challenges women face in ALL arenas of power. We have real + honest conversations that are rooted in practical strategies for taking care of ourselves, being better leaders, and creating everything women desire. I’m Sonya Stattmann, a lifelong entrepreneur, facilitator, teacher, activist + champion for women. In the last twenty years I have worked with thousands of women in business, leadership and life, helping them redefine themselves and the world around them so they can create more wealth, freedom and impact. I have seen first hand what happens when women have the courage to reclaim themselves + lead. They change the world. You are going to love this journey! Join us, and learn more at

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