Welcome to the New Aeon! The Age of Aquarius is here, and humanity's Grand Ascension Event is underway. New perspectives of wisdom, compassion, and love are coming to the forefront as old 3D matrix bondage begins dissipating. Negative polarity is being eradicated from the Milky Way, and we've all come to play our part. I'm Michael, and I'm sharing my understandings about the METAPHYSICS of EXISTENCE, COSMIC KNOWLEDGE, ESOTERIC WISDOM and HIDDEN TRUTHS, AWAKENING/ENLIGHTENMENT, attaining HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, and the true NATURE of REALITY! We are all immeasurably divine beings, and, as individualized expressions of the One Consciousness, we are defining what it means to be God as we awaken ourselves, and remember who we are, why we created this experience, and what we came here to do!── 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──Connect with me!∞ Instagram: @new_earth_knowledge∞ Podcast: http://newearthknowledge.buzzsprout.com∞ Website: www.newearthknowledge.com

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