Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Cory Lewis

Follow along as Cory Lewis and Jamie Dove talk about the path to adapting and helping their businesses to survive during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as discussions with other entrepreneurs and experts throughout this special series. "We started this project in early 2019 and have some content recorded that we have been editing before we officially launch that features a wide variety of entrepreneurs discussing their lives, their businesses - the successes and failures - and the struggles that everyday entrepreneurs experience. But in light of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, and the impact on entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world (and the fact that we're basically locked in our homes as we all should be for the foreseeable future), we thought it best to record some short episodes as often as we can from the perspective of us - the hosts of the podcast - and other entrepreneurs, as we all deal with trying to run our small businesses in a time of a crisis. We don't really have any expectations for this. And our hope is that you can hear something that's helpful to you, makes you want to support small businesses, or at the very least, maybe you can send some small businesses in your area some appreciation for what they have provided to you. Because there are going to be some that won't survive this, and your words of encouragement would probably go a long way. They certainly would for us," says Cory Lewis. Read more at www.ea-podcast.com

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