Sugar and Spikes

Desiree Wiercyski

A business focused podcast with a mental health twist developed for content creators, business leaders, side hustlers, and anyone who has so many passions, ideas, and interests, that doesn’t want to lock themselves into doing or being just one thing. Hosted by 2 gals with 5 grad degrees. Sugar and Spikes is your chance to be a fly on the wall and listen to (mostly) unedited conversations between two best friends and rising professionals trying to make it all happen, sometimes (often) dropping the ball, then navigating the emotions, feelings, and consequences when that happens. Each week we’ll talk about managing mental health in the grand cyclone that is work, life, kids, pets, family, friends, the (seemingly) unending stress that comes with failure, success, and all the lessons in between. Sugar and Spikes is a podcast for anyone who is sick and tired of the stress, pretense, and nonsense that comes with perpetual positivity, hustle culture, and everything else the world throws at us. Dr. Tammy, (PsyD) is a wife, mom of three children, dog mom of three more, a full-time clinical psychologist, and accidental entrepreneur seeking to make mental health more accessible. Dez, (MS, MBA) lives and breathes content creation in both small business and side hustle life. With her pups beside her, martini in hand, and loving husband helping along the way she hopes to break down walls and create ways for business leaders to develop authentic connection and community.

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