Why The Long Face?

Oliver Turnbull and Dr. Paul Keedwell

A psychiatrist and a management consultant walk into a bar. This should be the start of the lamest joke ever. In fact, these old friends will be exploring some of the theories behind the causes of depression and will touch on topics that could help people who are suffering. This might well happen over the course of a drink or two. Paul is a psychiatrist with over 20 years' experience in treating mood disorders and has led extensive academic research in the field. He is the author of a popular book on depression - "How Sadness Survived" - and continues to be a media commentator on mental health. Through his study of design, Paul has also developed a deep interest in how our environment effects our mood. In 2017 he published "Headspace: The Psychology of City Living" Oliver is a geeky management consultant specialising in enterprise digital transformation, who was also a stand-up comic for 10 years, mostly on the London circuit. He is increasingly interested in the psychological wellbeing of his colleagues as he takes on more of a pastoral role in his firm, looking after a team of talented individuals working in an often stressful and very competitive business. This free-form (and often chaotic) series of podcasts is not only aimed at sufferers, but also the friends, relations or colleagues of people showing signs of depression and anxiety.  Paul and Oliver have a particular ‘house style’. They enjoy a level of banter that goes back 30 years and can find humour even in the bleakest subject matter. Paul has no idea what questions Ol will throw at him week to week. They hope listeners will find their often irreverent style engaging and reassuring as well as informative.  This is their humble attempt to shine a light on depression, break down stigma and have a bit of a laugh. We are a bit of a “work in progress”, so please subscribe and give us feedback!

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