Have you ever felt lost, stuck, or clueless about where you are in your career or your life? I've definitely been there, and found myself running the rat race on the path to 'success', and going through the motions just to make it to the weekend only to find that there wasn't any 'cheese' for me at the end and that the feeling of emptiness lingered on. If this sounds at all familiar, I want you to know that you're not alone, and that this is the perfect podcast for you that will provide you with a sense of community focused on sharing ideas and stories around self empowerment, mindset, and fulfillment that will help you get closer to finding a true sense of inner fulfillment- no matter where you are in your life. I'm your host Karl Sona, and I believe that your free time is the greatest asset you have to help you take back control of your life so you can tap into your potential and discover what really makes you come alive. Every Monday and Thursday I share the conversations I have with other inspiring young professionals and sales leaders, who are really no different than you or I, and we discuss ways that we can all become more intentional with our time in order to win at life and at work. Facts are, we were all put here for a great reason. Aren't you curious about what yours is? Listen to The Free Time Podcast anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the show if you enjoy it. Remember, we're all on this planet to help one another level up, so go out, be kind, and lend a hand where you can. Follow me on Instagram @karl.sona

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