Future Woods: The Voices of Regenerative Forestry

Tom Kemp, Nick Jarvis

Join us for an inspirational look at UK woodlands. Together we can create a vibrant woodland sector that helps to tackle climate change, provides a huge range of natural benefits, and leaves future generations with productive, resilient woodlands to be proud of. But how? This podcast asks your questions: how do we manage our trees and woods in the best possible way? How do we make money from our trees? How do I get into forestry? Where do I go for training? What kit do I need and how do I fund it? What is the environmental impact of cutting down or planting trees? We share techniques, experiences, and stories from across the UK, from small scale to commercial enterprises. To make a difference we need everybody involved: all land managers, farmers, foresters, conservationists, smallholders, community woodlanders, woodland owners, and enthusiasts. So, whether you have 10 trees, 10,000 hectares, or simply a love of trees, this podcast is for you. Send your thoughts for future episodes to https://forms.gle/W8qFQ75EWbXJE1ZE9

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