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Josh Abner

Bottom-line 1st week NFL-21-12=64% =$14,000 Profit68% Last 2 NFL Football And College Football Regular Season, Bowl Season & Playoffs (52.5% is Breakeven)Chronicled on this Podcast and we disclose all information we have.Ask yourself “Who is making you $$$ ?”“Most expensive advice is bad advice”Process is1)Research2) Use math (which is pattern recognition not calculation and statistics)3)Rigorously apply logic4) Make a good decision that consistently results in free cash flow, profit and money.Podcast is actionable information in real time to monetize the outcomes of the gamesHowever "Salesman think short term-businessman and women think long term"We have 1000% ROI -Return on investment. "Higher level thinking is long term thinking"Meaning 10 times more money than what you started with by listening o the PodcastBet The Process This is the CNBC Bloomberg Fox Business Of SportsbettingAs a result we educate on business and financial concepts so you do not run out of money in retirementSince we are in a mental health crisis we provide "Mental Health 1st Aid Kit"Josh Vizcay MBA - Financial Services "Makes Money As Financial Services Professional -Tax MitigatesMoney For Business And Wealthy Individuals"Also County Boards, City Councils, and local Political Corruption HistorianChad Nolan @cnolan3 is an accomplished College Football and Arena League Football player who has worked with big time NFL and current college football players.His brother Chance is the starting quarterback at Oregon and math terms such as*Arbitrage*Return to mean*Law of oppositesPeople havenever gotten rich with Technical Analysis but has gotten rich selling itQualitative Fundamentals to ConsiderThere are four key fundamentals that analysts always consider when regarding a company. All are qualitative rather than quantitative. They include:* The business model:* Competitive advantage:* Management:* Corporate Governance:*Strategy- Transparency- Information flow- Exploit market inefficiencies- Return To the mean- Enjoy the rideFind more information on our other video and long form articles on our for Podcast EpisodesEvidence is defined asinformation and events that can be proven1) Video evidence with corroboration of the information2) Contemporaneous documentation with corroboration3) Eye witness testimony with several sources that corroborate the eye witness testimony4) Probability theory where variables are eliminated to a logical conclusion and a 20 % "luck factor" is added to the processAnti-Social Personality Disorder1) Lack Of remorse2)Frequent lying3) Lack Of Empathy4) Superficial Charm5) Lack Of Positive Emotions6) Distorted sense of Self7) Constant source of new sensationsFundamental analysis involves the consideration of all things that could affect the price of a stock such as corporate earnings, product developments, political considerations such as laws and regulations, corporate governance, accounting issues, etc.Technical Analysis implies interpretation of patterns

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