Tribal Kids Tribal Parents Podcast by Roushini


I have worked with children, parents and teachers for over 35 year. As a parent, grandparent, educator and a professional presenter, I understand the importance of connecting, supporting, sharing and uplifting ALL parents. Tribal kids Tribal Parents podcast has taken me years to think about however now is the right time for me to bring it to reality. I have mindfully created various topics to share about everything parenting, parenthood journey including complimentary subjects. Parenting is one of the most rewarding and emotionally challenging “roller-coaster“ ride I have ever experienced. I wanted to be a parent since I was a teenager. A journey like no other which has given me experiences, memories, uncertainties, the challenges and unknown turns. Apart from sharing my academic knowledge, I also share my story. my life journey in different roles. Everyone listening will benefit in various manner. iSome of you will surely be surprised with few of my personal experiences however these topics needs to be spoken about. Everything I will share will be informative, motivational, inspirational, funny with tips for you to compliment your parenting journey.No matter who we are, where we come from, what we do - We all will relate to many episodes.As I have mentioned in the first episode that Actually we don’t have to be a biological parent to know what being a parent means - Either we are parenting or someone else is parenting us on a daily basis.My goal is to make this platform a sharing and caring place for all types of parents to connect, belong, appreciate,value, empower and inspire each other. Let’s work together Now for our future. I truly feel blessed sharing with you. Parents - Just know you are loved and highly appreciated.Your HostRoushini

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