Hey lovelies!I am Amba and I’m here to help you embrace your confident and irresistible self to have the love life you truly want. I went through dating and relationship experiences that most women have gone through and could relate to. I have been in long- term relationships where I did not feel cherished, understood and loved as a woman. I have also been in a position where I was only attracting and allowing men into my life who only wanted to use me.I binged watched countless videos on YouTube (hehe don't we all) about dating advice and attracting men. I found a lot of advice online was manipulative and actually pushed good men away. I realised I had poor self worth and that’s why I was struggling with dating and intimacy with men. I'm here to help you embrace that confident woman inside so you can attract great men into your life who cherish you. You are always loved, Amba

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