Parenting is hard. Single parenting, even more so. Navigating the modern dating world on top of that? Mind-bending. Hey everyone, I’m John Perry, an entrepreneur, musician, world traveller and most of all, proud dad of two beautiful children. I'm pretty excited to be bringing this Single Dad Dating Files Podcast to you. Every journey starts somewhere and this is the beginning of a new one for me. I wanted to share experiences and help navigate some unknown waters as you enter into the new world of single Dadhood. You're definitely not alone in this and sometimes it's hard to find someone to share the nuances with. This podcast will be therapy for me I'm sure, maybe some nuggets of humor and cringe worthy moments for you, but ultimately I hope it's a resource and relatable experience for you. The stories you’ll hear here were my reality, the feelings and emotions I experienced are here for all to experience. I hope that you enjoy, like, share, do all those things that people do when they find something of value. find me on social media:

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