Kia Orana! The official greeting of the Cook Islands—meaning hello, but also may you live long. On the main island of Rarotonga (where a majority of the locals live) you'll find a lagoon nearly encircling the entire island that you can swim and snorkel in. Take an adventure up to the top of the island, through the cross island trek. And sample myriad of locally-fresh dishes from home grown foods and locally-caught fish. Purchase freshly-grown veggies and hand-crafted black pearls from the weekly markets. It is truly an island paradise.Though for all that the island has, the real jewel is in what doesn't have. There's no stoplights or parking meters. There's only two buses; one goes clockwise and the other anti-clockwise around the roughly 32km island circumference. There's no McDonalds, Starbucks or KFC (but if you do ask the locals, there is a late night fried chicken spot affectionally known as RFC). There's no over-the-water bungalows or no-high rises (nothing can be taller than a coconut tree). The wifi is about as fast as your holiday should be. Welcome to the Cook Islands Podcast. A show about what you will find, what you won't find, in the Cook Islands. Meitaki (thank you)!

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