Welcome to the IQ Knowledge Junkie podcast, where enlightening ideas come from! I’m The Author of “LMAOKJ” (Learning More After Obstacles Kenneth Journey) “LMFAOKJ” (Learning Motivation From All Over Knowledge Junkie) “IQKJ” (Inspiring Quotations Knowledgeably Justified) “IKJ” (Intelligent Knowledge Junkie) & “KMSL” (Knowledgeable Mentalities Sustainably Lived). I’ve been in magazines and won the best sense of humor award in HS. I plan on owning a NBA Team & an Amusement Park. I’m the Creator of a board game that’ll be in stores soon. IG: @ilmaoKJ. Search my book acronyms on Amazon to order. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iq-knowledge-junkie/support

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