The Phylanice Nashe Experience

Phylanice Nashe J.D.

The Phylanice Nashe Experience is a podcast series of light hearted and sometimes third-eye opening conversations on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Relationships from the African American perspective. Host Phylanice Nashe, successful Entrepreneur, Educator and Philanthropist, chats with African American entrepreneurs and business leaders who share the ups and downs of their entrepreneurship journey and ways to minimize the Collateral Damage effect entrepreneurship can have on a marriage and family unit. We hope these stories and nuggets of wisdom inspire others to continue to pour into their businesses and family. #phylanicenasheexperience✅New Episodes drop every second and fourth Fridays of the month.✅ Follow & Rate the Show!✅Follow on Instagram @phylanicenashe✅Watch Interviews Subscribe to YouTube Channel @The Phylanice Experience Podcast

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