Essential Work: Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Jobs

The Battle of Homestead Foundation

Brought to you by the Battle of Homestead Foundation. Bringing you stories and struggles, people and perspectives, interviews and commentaries, all on the world of work yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The program explores a wide range of social and economic topics impacting the way we work, presented through a unique historical perspective. Interviews feature local and national guests -- change agents, activists, experts, workers, researchers, and more. | Website: | Listener line: 412-326-9435 | Contact us with comments, questions, & suggestions: | Sign up for Listener Alerts: | Please support this podcast and the organization: | Host, Producer, Program Manager: Nathan Ruggles ( | Host, Pathways to a New Economy that Works for All of Us (addressing labor, environment and health): Dr. Patricia DeMarco ( | Feature commentators: Rosemary Trump, Dr. Charles McCollester. | Production advisor: Angela Baughman ( | Logo design: Brittany Sheets ( | Original Music by Jason Kendall ( | Essential Work is available on popular podcast platforms and apps.

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