Essential Work: Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Jobs

The Battle of Homestead Foundation

Brought to you by the Battle of Homestead Foundation. The program explores a wide range of social and economic topics impacting the way we work, presented through a unique historical perspective. Interviews feature local and national guests -- change agents, activists, experts, workers, researchers, and more. Episodes are helmed by a rotating cast of experienced hosts including Dr. Patricia DeMarco (who addresses labor, environment and health with Pathways to a New Economy that Works for All of Us) and Nathan Ruggles, along with feature commentators Rosemary Trump and Dr. Charles McCollester (who look at current events through a historical perspective with Working Over Time). Essential Work is available on popular podcast platforms and apps. Website: Comment line: (412) 326-9435 Email: comments {@} Please support this podcast and the organization: Logo by Brittany Sheets Original Music by Jason Kendall Production advisor Angela Baughman

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