Imagine building an organization that provides for your family and hundreds more. A Brand recognized as a leader in your field. Why is it that some leaders are able to inspire a team and have a profound impact on our world? And why do others simply beat their teams into submission through micromanagement and managers (who regardless of title are not leaders)? Toxic culture costs a business to lose great talent and resources--ultimately running a great brand right into the ground. There is something else at play here. We want to know why. It’s your brand. Protect it…Protect it both From the outside and inside your organization. Subscribe! Brandology™ Facebook Page: Host David Mauro Host Mark Mosher Music by PC-One, Ketsa, PIPE CHOIR through FMA. MrThe Noranha, Euphrosyyn, Evreytro, Joao Janz from FreeSound.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn -

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