Recordings from the 2009 Oxford University Online Poetry Slam competition. The event invited students to submit an MP3 recording of an original poem or narrative, of no longer than 3 minutes in length, for a University-wide competition. The event was judged by Heidi Vaughan (Oxford Playhouse), Bernard O'Donoghue (Fellow in English specialising in Modern Irish and Medieval English Poetry), Sian Robins-Grace (RSC Member, Oxford Alumna and Oxford Poetry Slam Finalist), and Steve Larkin (organiser of the Hammer and Tongue poetry slam). Congratulations to the following students: 1st Prize: Christopher Turner, St Hugh's College, for 'Poetic Phonetics' 2nd Prize: Thomas Stevenson, St Catherine's College, for 'Dia de los Muertos' 3rd Prize: Aisha Mirza, St Catherine's College, for 'Instant Symphony Mix' The album cover is by surrealmuse. It is released under a Creative Commons licence. There are more details at

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