The podcast that highlights the personal victories of the thousands who are on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Hear stories of struggle and success from those who ditched the diets of deprivation and endless exercise to embrace a "healthstyle" built upon proven scientific principles. Learn to exercise efficiently and feed your body the nutrition it needs to sculpt the look you want. To get started, download your free guide with meal plans and recipes! This is a podcast that will educate and inspire you to write your own Fat Loss Success Story! I'm your host, Veronica Hugger, who at the age of 53 was ready to give up. I was living an unsustainable lifestyle of deprivation diets and endless exercise and not seeing the results I wanted or deserved. By learning the FASTer Way of nutrition and fitness, I now live a 'healthstyle' which encourages me to eat right and motivates me to exercise efficiently. My FASTer Way coach, Le Bergin, continues to work with me so I have access to a personal trainer who manages my progress and inspires me.I was persuaded to try the FASTer Way after listening to stories from others who continue to succeed on the program. Over 115,000 people have gone through the FASTer Way starter program, so there are lots of success stories! On this podcast, you’ll hear conversational interviews with people with various stories of struggle and success. And FASTer Way to Fat Loss certified coach, Le Bergin, will help explain the strategies of the program and offer helpful tips.Just like someone else’s success story inspired me, sharing more success stories has the potential to encourage others to embrace and experience a healthier lifestyle…a “healthstyle”. And their shared stories will educate you, inspire you, and encourage you to accomplish your goals and to write your own Fat Loss Success Story!If you're on the FASTer Way and ready to share your story, contact me to be on the show!

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