The Robby Starbuck Show

Robby Starbuck

Do you feel as if common sense is dead in politics? Luckily for you, Robby Starbuck is living proof it hasn't died yet. After directing Oscar winning actors in Hollywood, Starbuck effectively ended his career by coming out with his Republican beliefs in 2016. Robby later ran for Congress in 2022 with endorsements from Senator Rand Paul, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Rep. Thomas Massie and more. Despite leading in the polls he was suddenly thrown off the ballot with no explanation. Even Donald Trump Jr. voiced his anger at the State party removing Robby from the ballot. Despite challenging it at the Supreme Court level of Tennessee, it was ruled that the state Republican party could throw anyone off the ballot if their leadership, simply, didn't want them. Regardless, these setbacks have not stopped him from continuing to speak out in defense of freedom and keeping the reality of the American Dream alive. As the son of a Cuban refugee from communism, nothing matters more to him than saving our country for his kids and yours. On The Robby Starbuck Show, Robby will be doing deep dives on key issues and figures in politics as well as share commentary on world events. Whether you are a Republican, Liberal or just politically curious and are interested in hearing a no-nonsense take on current events, this podcast is for you!

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