Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast

Gibby Booth Jasper

I, like many dyslexics, (sadly) grew up thinking I was stupid. I don’t want anyone else thinking they are dumb, less valued than those around them, or not good enough because their brain isn’t “normal.” That’s why I created the Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast. Episode by episode a community of badass dyslexics has formed to show the world that dyslexia truly is a superpower. So whether you are a family member or educator of an awesome dyslexic or whether you have dyslexic superpowers yourself I welcome you to the tribe. In April 2019 the podcast changed direction a bit to include a very important audience: dyslexic kids. The Treasuring Your Dyslexic Superpowers series is a two part show. The first includes Super D, the dyslexic superhero as he goes on adventures helping dyslexics understand their brains better and realize they are beautiful not broken. And the second is an interview with a real life dyslexic superhero. Episodes come out every Tuesday and alternate between a chat with a real life dyslexic superhero and an adventure with Super D, the dyslexic superhero.

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