Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast

Gibby Booth Jasper

I, like many dyslexics, (sadly) grew up thinking I was stupid. I don’t want anyone else thinking they are dumb, less valued than those around them, or not good enough because their brain isn’t “normal.” That’s why I created the Dyslexia Is Our Superpower Podcast. Episode by episode a community of badass dyslexics has formed to show the world that dyslexia truly is a superpower. So whether you are a family member or educator of an awesome dyslexic or whether you have dyslexic superpowers yourself I welcome you to the tribe. The podcast has two components: One component is conversations with dyslexics from all walks of life as we focus on the positive aspects of dyslexia and prove one chat at a time that there are many ways to succeed as a person with dyslexia. The other component is what we call Kweshtens & Kapes. This is Q&A dyslexia style! Have a question for Gibby? Anything dyslexia goes! Send it to dyslexiaisoursuperpower@gmail.com

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