Fed up with not being able to trust yourself around alcohol? Sick of the hangxiety killing your confidence to commit to that next level goal? Changing your relationship to alcohol isn’t just about NOT drinking, it’s a journey of rediscovering WHO YOU ARE on the other side of alcohol. No matter what kind of relationship you want with alcohol, there is always room for more awareness, this is where we start. From the daily mental friction of deciding to drink or not to drink, only to break your own heart again, to the days lost from the effects of alcohol...If you have been hearing a call from your higher self, that it’s time for a change, but you are confused on the what and how, Expert Holistic Alcohol Coach, Mary Wagstaff, is here to walk you through the threshold of the next phase of your life where alcohol becomes irrelevant. She ended a 20 year relationship with alcohol without labels, counting days or ever making excuses and is helping her clients do the same. In this podcast we will explore her revolutionary approach to getting alcohol out of your way that breaks all the rules, life enhancing tools you can implement now, so YOU can stop drinking and start LIVING the life you were made for! This show is not a substitute for rehabilitation, medical treatment or advice. Please talk to a health professional if your alcohol consumption is a risk to your mental/physical health or others. Schedule a call with Mary to find out more about her 1:1 coaching mentorship. Taking your last sip isn't' the first step, saying YES to YOU is. www.marywagstaffcoach.com

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