Stop Drinking and Start Living

Mary Wagstaff

Welcome Beautiful, You Made It! Alcohol Is No Longer In Alignment With The Life You Are Ready To Live…Now It’s Time To Make It Irrelevant. The "Dream Of Moderation" Is Not The Best That Life Has To Offer. You deserve better. Drinking is not the path to access your brilliant, intuitive, funny, lovable, powerful self. Replacing it and distracting yourself from it are not winning strategies. Because avoiding alcohol isn’t what makes the desire go away. Tapping into your OWN desires is what takes alcohol from being that ONE thing you can’t figure out on your own, to finally being free of the constant battle in your mind. It's time to make a change and find greater meaning and connection in your life. With the help of Expert Holistic Alcohol Coach Mary Wagstaff, you can learn to shift your mindset and find freedom from alcohol's negative effects. In this podcast, Mary will guide you through her proven 5 Shifts Process, which will help you discover the joy and benefits of not drinking, without relying on rules, labels, or counting days. We'll start with the first step – awareness and curiosity – and work our way through the process to help you get alcohol out of your way and live the fulfilling life you desire. Are you ready to make a change? Schedule a call with Mary and get started with her free training: Find Freedom From Alcohol In Five Simple Shifts. Visit to learn more.

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