Do you wrestle with the constant conflict of competing outcomes, adding great value to your clients but struggling to price your services for their true worth? Do you want better connections with your clients, but find yourself under siege from a hectic schedule? Would you like to know how to recover the cost of delivering your premier service? You're not alone! We work in challenging times. There are the pressures imposed by managing workloads in an industry with peaks and troughs. Then there are the big tech changes that are underway. You know they're coming and that business advisory services are the way to go. But do you know how to rebuild your business to take advantage of these new opportunities? My podcast will help you. I'll be talking with small businesses of all kinds, sharing their financial stories and finding out what worked for them and what didn't. All you have to do is listen and learn. Call it a Business Mastermind in 'What Your Clients Want From You'. And if you're a non-professional services'll learn a lot from these conversations too. We all need to get smarter about our money, our mindset and our systems. Let's share our stories and create new ones so we can move ahead and meet our business challenges with confidence. Find out more at About Sam Dean: I've been an accountant for decades, with senior roles and a partnership in a large firm. I've also run my own (non-accounting) small business. That was a real eye-opener. I discovered just how little my profession understood the issues facing our small business clients, how little we listened and how much we could offer - if we only knew what to provide and how to do it. That was when I realised it was time for an industry-wide mindset shift. I've met so many people that provide professional services, with great skills and experience. But too many of us have lost confidence and our faith in our profession. I get that because I've been there. I gained a lot of weight, drank far too much and lost sight of my dreams, my self-belief, my skills and my expertise. I looked for leadership, but I couldn't find it. Then one day, I woke up to hear a clear, strong voice in my head; It was time to make changes - BIG changes. I embarked on a voyage of personal, business and financial discovery. I discovered and created systems to help people like us. Now I work with accounting and professional services businesses, helping them to create and grow financial advisory services that build great businesses for their clients and themselves.

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