What Is Music?: A Music Podcast About Music

Adam Scott Glasspool, Steve Murphy, Lucas Way

A podcast focusing on a musical artists' discography. A different artist every season. Currently on Season 2: Are You Amused?: a critical analysis of the history, cultural impact, and music of Muse. Join Adam, Steve, and Lucas, as they tackle an artists' entire discography. They're going album by album, track by track, to find out if context can change your experience of music, how people become obsessed with artists, and to ultimately answer the question 'what is music?' For each artist one host will be a fan of them already, the others may know nothing about them! Expect in-depth analysis, tedious tangents, controversial music opinions, and an exhaustive attitude to context. Also expect to find out more about the artists (and the hosts) than anyone could ever want to know! Previous seasons: Season 1: Do You Love Us? (Manic Street Preachers)

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