Living to the Max with Laura & Zak

Laura and Zak Balbo

Welcome to Living to the Max with Laura and Zak Have you ever wondered why some people are living the life of their dreams, and others are JUST dreaming of living? The truth is too many people are living an average life and accepting that as their destiny. They have bought into the lie that life is about merely surviving. And that lie is making people broke, sick, tired and lonely. If you refuse to accept the status quo and desire to live the extraordinary life you are called to, then this podcast is for you. If you are willing to do your part to create your dream life, and you desire to fulfill your God given purpose…then welcome to the movement. The Bible says, the thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy but that God came to give life and life in all it’s abundance. God created you with a purpose and designed you to live an abundant life. The question is…will you accept the life he has called you to live. Join your host Laura and Zak as together we learn from principles in the Bible how to do our part to get the most out of our finances, health, and relationships… and ultimately how to to the MAX.

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