Planet Storytime Podcast

Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley

SHOW UPDATE (June 12, 2020): Back on May 22nd, our production studio suffered a lightning strike (electric storms on Planet Storytime are often far more powerful than back on earth) that took out our primary production kit and some key components we need to do our show. We have rebuilt our kit and intend to have PSP27 out in the next few days. During this past month, our listenership has grown significantly and we don't want to keep any of our fans, old and new, waiting any longer so thank you for your patiece and look for PSP27 to come out on either June 15th or 16th.Thank You! Thomas, Pax and the PSP Support Team! ***BLACK LIVES MATTER*** For the avoidance of any doubt, our entire PSP team stands united with our black sisters and brothers during this long overdue period of transition into a more inclusive and level playing field for EVERYONE, devoid of racist paradigms, however big or small. Planet Storytime is a show built on the idea that everyone is human, everyone can grow into the best possible versions of themselves, and that we are strongest when we come together as the diverse and unique individuals we all are. Our show is built on the idea that if you can visualize things in your mind, anything is possible, and this blossoming vision of black (and people of all colors) and white people uniting to end the cancer of 400+ years of oppression is closer to becoming reality than ever before and we could not be more excited and hopeful about that.We will continue to do our part to spread the message of love, tolerance, acceptance, bravery and respect in our podcasts and know you all will too. Thomas and Paxton/June 2020 ***BLACK LIVES MATTER***

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