The POOL Berlin

The POOL Berlin is an open collective of Berliners active in the minimal and experimental techno scene in Berlin. The group has its origin in private meetings at Dr.Nojoke´s kitchen, which were started in 2014 as a platform for like-minded Berliner producers, DJs, supporter, VJs, fans and for getting in touch with international artists, who were visiting Berlin - such as David Last, Ingemar Stalholm, Pachyderme, The Automatic Messages, Elysée, Attentat, Dugong, Yes Ma´am, Matt and Mark Thibideau, Dinelka et cetera.. // PROJECTS // THE KITCHEN / quasi private, intimate events in small venues as a lab-space for performances, works in progress, jam-sessions, workshops, for communication, knowledge transfer, for talking, drinking, having fun, getting to know each other, building up a network and for our friends from Berlin and from all over the world, who visit Berlin. / POOLcast / Monthly podcasts curated by Ann and Sebastian Mehl. / PLO - pool lab orchestra / https://www.facebook.com/PLOberlin / POOLtracks / label imprint of the POOL Berlin.