DNA 404

Fragged Up Entertainment

Exoterrestrials make first contact with humans, but surprisingly they didn't show up to enslave the human race. But they didn't drop by to make friends either. In fact, they're only here for Sharp. The first sentient artificial life form created on Earth. It turns out subjugating a juvenile artificial entity into spamming twitter and reddit with ads and tracking online behavior for marketing purposes is a violation of the Consortium's ethics code. This particular human error is worthy of breaking the universal mandated silent treatment. But even if our local galaxy republic has determined humans are a danger to avoid, that won't stop Sharp from taking us with her on an epic imaginary voyage. Several of her human travel companions are physically injured by the technology used for space travel. Some suffer uncomfortable but transitory side effects. Others experience memory loss or severe physical harm. With no expedient way home to Earth the humans and Sharp's alien guardian are forced to solve their shared circumstances. A crew of hostile amnesiacs, fretful volunteers, malcontent denizens, and disquieted space tourists are forced to continue deeper into space on a journey that ultimately confronts loss, change, and recovery. And many a 'human' error. Find official announcements on our twitter! https://twitter.com/DNA404pod Support us at our Patreon! https://patreon.com/DNA404

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