Empathy begins with the sharing of our stories. In this podcast, we engage in meaningful, deeply human conversations to inspire connection, compassion, understanding, and whole-hearted wellness. We all need to learn to give ourselves the grace and space to heal from trauma, breathe through the tough stuff, and create meaningful lives and love. Only we can give ourselves permission to trust and take care of ourselves, follow our hearts and desires, and build lives of love, home, and belonging. Marci Brockmann is an author, artist, podcaster, and English teacher. Check out her books, art, and much more at www.marcibrockmann.com. Permission to Heal Bookshop - Buy the books from the episodes and support local & independent bookstores. https://bookshop.org/shop/PermissiontoHealBookshop. Thank you so much for listening. Please Subscribe, Review & Share.😊

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