How do I update my kitchen’s interior design? How can I create a low-maintenance garden? How can I incorporate sustainability into my landscape + home design? How many house plants is too many? How much does a bathroom remodel cost? How can I refresh my existing home decor? And the biggest question of all, how do I make a space feel like home? Whether you’re a homebody, a design fiend, or a lover of all things garden and green, this is the show for you. The Feels Like Home Podcast is a home, garden, and interior design podcast packed with down-to-earth advice and actionable tips that will help you create beauty in your living space, vibrancy in your garden, and coziness + joy in your daily life. You’ll learn from the experts on how to design smartly + timelessly, with an eye for sustainability, affordability, and function. Your hosts, interior designer Sam Struck and stylist + tastemaker Eva Kosmas Flores, bring you design techniques, sustainable living strategies, and gardening know-how that will help YOU create your dream living space, one that’s beautiful inside and out. We’ll help you unleash your inner design guru through in-depth expert interviews, approachable advice, and by sharing the struggles + successes inside our own homes and gardens. If you want a hand bringing to life the home of your dreams, hit that subscribe button, and we’ll teach you how you can make everyday a little more beautiful.

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