WATCH THE LIVE SHOW ON YOUTUBE @WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/@THEDANLEVELYSHOW/STREAMS------ Someone asked me what my goal was with my podcast. To make money? Well, yes it would be nice to make a little more money, but that's not the reason. I created The Dan Levely Show because I was in a dark place in my life, stuck at a dead end job, baby on the way, lived in a shitty apartment, and I needed an escape from my life. Not entirely but just for a few hours out of the day. My podcast did that for me. That's why I created my show so the average Joe could just press the play button have a few laughs, listen to some good music and just escape life for 35-65 minutes. Some people need that escape, and if one person listens to me while they do it. Then I'm happy to provide that for them.... Stay Up Everyone!!!! I go LIVE SATURDAY NIGHTS @9PM EST!! Viewers are more than welcome to comment on the live stream available on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Follow "The Dan Levely Show" on Facebook-Instagram-Twitch-YouTube-TikTok @thedanlevelyshow - Twitter @danlevelyshow. Also catch the podcast on your favorite Podcast Platform #cannabis #music #comics #paranormal #socialmedia #thedanlevelyshow #googlepodcast #spotify #applepodcasts #youtube #igtv #facebook #twitch

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